New speeding guidelines in the UK

At some point of life, all of us might have been caught and fined for speeding either knowingly or unknowingly. But actually, the person who speeds doesn’t have any idea about what he is doing at that moment. What makes them realize about their mistake is the costly speeding fines. It doesn’t matter much, whether you have been fined for speeding on previous occasions or not. But for sure you will not like to be fined for it again in the future.

There are several things that will help you in not getting entangled in a speeding mess. One excellent way of avoiding speeding fines is to understand the functioning of speeding cameras and continuously keeping an eye on it while driving. That’s why it becomes more important that you understand the new speeding guidelines in the UK and how you can be get caught. Actually, the latest monitoring system keeps a watch on your speed from a safe distance and makes up at what speed you are going. If the average speed of your car is higher than the set limit between two fixed points, you will be for sure a getting a speeding fine, even if you have great motoring solicitors.

Advanced speeding cameras are installed in the UK

You might be continuously monitored by speeding cameras and can be caught easily if you are speeding. The advanced speed monitoring system has been installed all over the UK and it is being used largely to keep an eye on those, who are speeding. Also, the cameras that have been installed are not those regular “Gatos” cameras. These all are all “New generation cameras” that can easily catch speeders. Still, there are many ways through which you can protect yourself from the speeding fines, in addition to the help of
motoring solicitors.

You can be trapped unknowingly

The most surprising thing about these advanced speeding cameras is that they can catch you without giving you any idea about it. You may not be aware that the place where you are, is under speeding camera surveillance. The moment you press the accelerator, start and move from there, a speeding ticket is raised and sent at your door. You may not be even aware that you have been speeding you may get fined for it.

The sudden outcome can be really frustrating and extremely annoying to you. Sometimes you can look outside to see whether any policemen are roaming there or not and you may not be knowing that your every action and each moment is under camera surveillance. Well, all these newly adopted advanced speed monitoring systems are quite commendable and very good to the UK Government but definitely, it’s not that much good for you when all of a sudden, a Driving Ban arrives at your home and you don’t have any option except giving it.

There is only one thing that you can do. Have a thorough understanding of the way, these speeding cameras function. Finally, we can draw a perception that changing lanes can help you avoid Driving Ban as the new camera calculates the average speed between two points. So, if you are changing lanes then you can save yourself from fines. The cameras that have been installed can’t make out that you are speeding if you are driving in different lanes. This way you can save yourself from unfair speeding fines. But your motive should not be to drive speedily and recklessly.

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